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Quotes by and about Springbok coach Peter de Villiers.

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Politically incorrect - The autobiography

Why he lost respect for Luke Watson
"When I did bring Luke into the team at the start of my stint as Springbok coach, a lot of water had already flowed under the bridge. Luke was at a disadvantage of what had happened in the Jake era, as the players knew that he had been forced upon the team squad as player number 46. I was disappointed with Luke when he refused to cooperate with some of the senior players when they did open themselves to him. On a few occasions Victor Matfield and John Smit tried to involve Luke in their team discussions. 'What do you think about that idea Luke? Do you think it would work? they would ask him. Luke would say: 'I am just here to observe'. His attitude made me change my mind about him."

The Mandela of rugby
"I managed to unite more people in this country. I don't want to bring Mandela in here, but I think I was the Mandela of rugby ... I brought hope to people, to motivate them and encourage them to learn."

On being misunderstood
"I don't care if people don't understand me. It's not my duty to say directly to your face that you're ugly, I say you aren't pretty and if you can't read between the lines then it's not my problem. There's no pill for stupid"

On South Africans
“We do understand going to the world that people don’t keep South Africans in high regard. They look down on us and think we’re a bunch of hooligans and that there are elephants running in the street. You can see it when referees make decisions ... it’s always a kind of biased thing.”

Reacting to news that there is an alleged sex tape of him:
“I think I should walk away from this job and give it back to the whites.”

On the Boks' prospects at the 2011 World Cup:
"In our group we are expecting tough games from Tonga and Fiji." - Tonga are not in the Boks' group.

Following Schalk Burger’s banning during the Lions series:
"If we want to eye-gouge any Lions we will go down to the bushveld like we do and eye- gouge them there."

"If we are going on like this, why don't we go to the nearest ballet shop, get some tutus and get a dancing shop going? There will be no eye-gouging, no tackling, no nothing and we will enjoy it."

"I know dancing is also a contact sport but rugby is far from dancing. If you want to run with the big dogs then sometimes you have to lift your leg"

“If I lie in hospital and I hear they are putting someone’s head back on that was ripped off by Schalk then I’d say: ‘That’s Schalk, he plays aggressive but he’s not malicious’”

"What we try to tell them is when you point your finger into the sky, don't concentrate on the finger because you'll miss all the heavenly glory out there. Concentrate on the heavenly glory you can bring and make yourselves so fulfilled."

His philosophy on winning:
"There's little difference between winning and losing, except you feel better after winning."

Getting biblical:
"The same people who threw their robes on the ground when Jesus rode on a donkey were the same people who crowned him and hit him with sticks, and were the same people who said afterwards how we shouldn't have done that, he's the son of God. So that's exactly what we do. You have to look at history as repeating itself. And I'm not saying that I'm God."

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11 Responses to Snorisms

  1. lm clark says:

    sadly this man is not only the most unsuited appointment ever in sa rugby, he is a clown to boot and consistantly has made a proud nation the laughing stock in world rugby. cant we quit this ridiculous misrepresentation of the facts with so-called transformation appointments? you are sll fools

  2. NickC says:

    PDV is as mad as a bag of frogs

  3. Steve says:

    Someone should make a diary with a daily PDV “quote-of-the-day” in it.

    Then send one to Oregan Hoskins.

  4. JayD says:

    Another pearler apparently attributed to the man: “We going to cover the field with paper on Saturday because I hear we are the better team on paper.”

  5. Jacques says:

    Latest Piet Snor Quote: “That does not mean we won’t make mistakes. You can slaughter me if I make a big mistake, I just hope you can sell the meat…”

  6. Paul Booysen says:

    PDV is a total joke and has just about destroyed Springbok rugby!

  7. Coenraad says:

    Prior to selection as Bok coach he actually said, “If I have to pick 15 black players I will do it, if we win 1 game in 15 years, at least there will be progress” and then he took more white players with to the world cup than Jake White… and his comment in the media to that? “If a player is selected and he is white, it is not his fault, and if a player is selected and he is black, it is not his fault either”

    I love this guy, at least his selection is on the money!!!

  8. Bertram Neethling says:

    When we bring the cup home after RWC 2011 I would like to hear all you negative people’s revised opinion again. Go P to the Diwwie!

  9. Vanessa says:

    Lets just for once stand together as a country and support the country that we live in, its national rugby team and coach. Often honesty; sincerity; devotion and true commitment may be the attributes that lead to success.

  10. Passer says:

    At least PDV is a God-fearing man.

  11. MsTery says:

    Gatiep en Marai…. Marai gets two tattoos in the inisde of her legs… one With Victor Matfields Face and on the other Bakkies Botha. Maria opens her legs and says Gatiep u know these guys… Gatiep says no… but the middle one is Pieter Devilliers…